The Headquarter of the Diethelm Keller Group is located in the city center of Zurich in the very upscale Seefeld district close to the railway station and with easy access to the airport. The building is overlooking the city with views over the lake and mountains. The top floors are occupied by Diethelm Keller, the remaining floors rented out.


In 2015, the strategic decision was taken to redevelop the Eggbuehl-Areal, previously a commercial site, as a residential complex for the rental market. 
Following the decision about the architectural concept and completion of the planning phase in 2016, the authorisation procedure was successfully completed in 2017.
Construction has started and the complex should be ready for occupation in the second half of 2020. 
The modern building complex will accommodate 135 apartments for mixed use. It will also have a small commercial zone.
For further information please visit www.eggbuehl-areal.ch.

Office Building Eggbühlstrasse 28

The comprehensive refurbishment of the office building at Eggbuehlstrasse 28 in Zurich was completed at the end of January 2018. 

Industrial Park Dachsen

The former factory facility of EDAK was transformed into an industrial park allowing manufacturing and commercial companies to settle. The site has potential for expansion and will be developed shortly.
For further information please visit http://www.edak-gewerbezentrum.ch/


The former administration building Schloss Muehlenhof was built in 1919 in  neo-baroque style. It offers the oportunity to not only work inside historical buildings, but at the same time in modern office, business and commercial premises. It is situated within a short distance of the centre of Wohlen.
For further information please visit http://schloss-wohlen.ch/