Real Estate

Over the past decades, Diethelm Keller Group has built up a meaningful real estate portfolio. Properties are typically leased to third parties or used by the Group’s operating units. This independently run entity is an important asset class of the Group. Hence, changing global market conditions are continually analysed and opportunities turned into actionable projects when promising.



    The Headquarter of the Diethelm Keller Group is located in the city center of Zurich in the very upscale Seefeld district close to the railway station and with easy access to the airport. The building is overlooking the city with views over the lake and mountains. The top floors are occupied by Diethelm Keller, the remaining floors rented out.

    Eggbuehl - Zürich

    Following the strategic decision in 2015 to transform and develop the Eggbuehl site into a mainly residential property for the rental market, implementation is well on track. Construction at Eggbuehl, previously used for commercial purposes, began in early 2018 with the dismantling of existing structures and major groundwork. The energetic double-walled buildings were completed in the middle of 2021 and the tenants have moved into their apartments as well as the commercial areas.

    Office Building Eggbuehlstrasse 28

    The comprehensive refurbishment of the office building at Eggbuehlstrasse 28 in Zurich was completed at the end of January 2018. 

    Industrial Park Dachsen

    The former factory facility of EDAK was transformed into an industrial park allowing manufacturing and commercial companies to settle. The site has potential for expansion and will be developed shortly.


    The former administration building Schloss Muehlenhof was built in 1919 in  neo-baroque style. It offers the oportunity to not only work inside historical buildings, but at the same time in modern office, business and commercial premises. It is situated within a short distance of the centre of Wohlen.
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    Muri b. Bern

    The Dienst-Leistungs-Zentrum (DLZ) Gümligen located in the municipality of Muri b. Bern has a privileged location right by the highway exit of Muri and is only 10 kilometers away from the city center of Bern.
    The area has an excellent accessibility for public and private transport with a spacious parking space and hosts a variety of interesting stores representing well-known brands.
    Attractive office spaces are located on the upper floors of the building.


    The international real estate portfolio is geared towards the needs of our own operating companies and third party companies.
    The properties cover factory buildings, offices, commercial spaces and warehouses. Geographically, the portfolio is spread over Asia, America, Europe and Africa.