Diethelm Keller Holding Ltd. (DKH), owned by Diethelm Keller Group Ltd., is a privately held organisation whose principal shareholders are the descendants of the founders.

DKH is fully committed to the principles of good corporate governance, maintains a professionally structured Board of Directors and applies uniform reporting standards.

Diethelm Keller Holding Ltd.

Board of Directors
Andreas W. Keller, Chairman
Adrian T. Keller, Vice Chairman
Rudolf Ehrbar

Executive Committee
Andreas W. Keller
Adrian T. Keller

Audit Committee
Rudolf Ehrbar, Chairman
Adrian T. Keller

Diethelm Keller Management
Angelo C. van Tol, Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Beksa, Chief Financial Officer
Stephan Heinemann, Head Business Intelligence

Diethelm Keller Real Estate, Treasury and Shareholder Services
Daniel R. Jagmetti, Corporate Secretary

BDO Ltd., Zurich