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Get the Annual Review of the year 2015 with the Key Figures of Diethelm Keller Holding.



Download PDF [PDF 3,72 mb]     Annual Review 2015



Download PDF [PDF 2,27 mb]     Annual Review 2014

Download PDF [PDF 2,0 mb]      Annual Review 2013

Download PDF [PDF 2,35 mb]     Annual Review 2012  

Download PDF [PDF 2,15 mb]     Annual Review 2011 

Download PDF [PDF 3,01 mb]     Annual Review 2010 

Download PDF [PDF 2,83 mb]     Annual Review 2009 

Download PDF [PDF 6,19 mb]     Annual Review 2008 

Download PDF [PDF 432,0 kb]     Annual Review 2007 

Download PDF [PDF 1,39 mb]     Annual Review 2006 

Download PDF [PDF 2,77 mb]     Annual Review 2005 

Download PDF [PDF 649,0 kb]     Annual Review 2004

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Diethelm Keller archives are the Memory of the Group. They date back to the founding years and contain a multitude of documents ranging from articles of incorporation, minutes of board meetings and annual meetings, as well as correspondence ledgers.




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