Diethelm Keller Holding

A Family Company

Diethelm Keller Holding is a privately held company, principally owned by descendants of the founders via the parent company DKH Holding Ltd.


Its primary function is to set the overall long-term strategy, to determine the balance of risk exposure and to set the long-term goals of the operating units.


Diethelm Keller Holding, with headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland), holds four operating units:


DK Brands

DK Industrial

DK Investments

DK Travel

Diethelm Keller Holding

Operating Units and Investment Companies

  • Diethelm Keller Brands owns a portfolio of leading Swiss and international proprietary brands focusing on the design, production and marketing of innovative household products
  • DK Industrial consists of Swiss and international proprietary brands specializing in industrial cleaning systems, aluminum equipment for the airline industry, transport solutions and engineered products
  • DK Investments holds strategic participations and new corporate investments
  • DK Travel combines the travel businesses of the Diethelm Keller Group and encompasses an international distribution network
  • DKSH, a 45 % participation of Diethelm Keller Holding Ltd., is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia

Milestones of the Group

Around 1870, two young Swiss pioneers, Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm and Edward Anton Keller, ventured to the Far East.