Diethelm Keller Group

Our Success Factors

The success of the Diethelm Keller Group rests on a proven formula of the founders. The core shareholders define the overall long-term strategy and assess the balance of risk of the Group. The responsibility and authority to operate the various businesses are delegated to the four operating units. 


Commitment to Customers: We are fully committed to the products and services we provide and distribute. With our know-how, reliability and efficiency, we make sure that our customers' interests are optimally served.


Sustainability: We pursue a long-term strategy of sustainable growth. We integrate economic, environmental and social considerations into our decision-making processes.


Long-term Financial Orientation: We are strategic investors in our various businesses. Sustainable profitability combined with a conservative dividend policy allow our companies to grow long-term. In DKSH's process of going public, Diethelm Keller Holding has reduced its ownership stake, thereby achieving broader financial diversification and returning to being a predominantly family-owned holding company.


Operating Autonomy: Our operating units can rely on a high degree of entrepreneurial and financial autonomy in the implementation of their long-term strategies. Each entity is responsible for its financial soundness and is allowed to retain sufficient profits to enable a long-term growth strategy.